US dollar faces pressure amid rising yields and commodity currencies strength

The US dollar is showing signs of strain against commodity currencies, despite the rise in yields, indicating a market shift favoring growth over rate differentials, as reported on Thursday. This situation emerges as the Federal Reserve considers potential further rate hikes that could have adverse effects on the US economy.

Earlier this week, an attempt by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) to implement a dovish hike backfired, leading to a downturn for the Australian dollar. The fallout was attributed to concerns about housing and economic growth.

Meanwhile, a noteworthy correlation between bonds and oil prices has come to light. A drop in crude prices led 10-year yields to retest the 4.50% mark, but a subsequent rebound in oil prices caused these yields to rise again. This tightening relationship was highlighted by BMO, suggesting that shifts in the energy sector and potential inflationary implications from oil markets could influence the direction of nominal yields.

It remains to be seen how these various factors will play out in the coming weeks and their potential impact on global markets. As always, investors are advised to stay informed and watch for developments closely.

Source: https://www.investing.com/news/forex-news/us-dollar-faces-pressure-amid-rising-yields-and-commodity-currencies-strength-93CH-3229398


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